Monday, December 15, 2008

Review of the film Tintorretor Jishu.

Review of the film Tintorretor Jishu.

Sandip Ray, the son of renowned director Satyajit Ray, the only Indian director who received Oscar award for lifetime contribution to motion pictures, created his new film Tintorretor Jishu based on the detective story written by Satyajit Ray. His characters Prodosh Mitra (Feluda), Tapesh Mitra (Topshe) and Lal Mohan Ganguly (jatayu) all were created on screen in the film Tintorretor Jishu.

Satyajit Ray introduced his viewers with these characters with his epic film Sonar Kella and Joy Baba Felunath in the mid-70s. After that he could not make any new episode on Feluda due to the sudden death of Santosh Dutta, the actor who played the role of Lal Mohan Ganguly in Sonar Kella and Joy Baba Felunath. His son Sandip Ray had experimented with these characters and in the last few films he had stuck to one team consisting of Sabyasachi Chakravarthy playing the role of Feluda (the private investigator), Parambroto Chatterji playing the role of Topesh, and Bibhu Bhattacharya playing the role of Lal Mohan Ganguly (the writer who is an admirer of Feluda).

As Satyajit Ray’s films had always been made for international audience and whenever they have been send in International Film Festivals, English subtitles are created for the non-bengali viewers. Sandip Ray’s films also are catered to the viewership of Bengali and non-bengali audience and for those who had previously watched Satyajit Ray’s films the expectations are huge.

He had made two episodes of Satyajit Ray previously with the title Bombaiyer Bombete and Kailashe Kelenkari and both were appreciated. The story of the film revolves around the mystery relating to the painting of famous Italian painter named Tintoretto which gets stolen. Feluda chases the perpetrators of the crime from Kolkata to Hongkong to solve the mystery.

The producers had spend a lot of money on international location if compared with the other episodes of Feluda, where the scene of occurrence was related to Indian places like Jaisalmer, Benaras, Mumbai, etc. For those reasons the exotic locations had created new dimension for the Feluda-lovers across the world.

The performance of Sabyasachi had been impressive along with the performance of Bibhu Bhattacharya in a serio-comic role. Paran Banerjee had also done well in his respective role. The script had been ideal and the theme music also worth mentioning.

The only concern lies with respect to the fact that the viewers these days are posted with updated version of Hollywood films, and in that perspective whether the detective story relating to Tintorettor Jishu could update the viewers with the modern gazettes that are expected to be used by a detective of 21st century. The story is brilliant and can be compared with any successful stories of Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie. The viewers should watch the film to educate themselves with thoughtful literature based on science fiction and powerful story telling.

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