Thursday, May 15, 2008

Uttam Kumar’s songs.

Uttam Kumar’s songs


By: CR Chatterji.

Uttam Kumar had given adequate lips in many hit songs in bollywood films and Bengali cinema. His songs in the film Choti Si Mulakat, composed by Shankar Jaikishan became extremely successful. The title song sung by Rafi, opposite Vaijayantimala became super hit. The other songs in the film were also successful.

The songs in the film Amanush, including ‘dil aisa kisi ne mera tora” composed by Shyamal Mitra and sung by Kishore Kumar became very successful. Also the song “kal ki sapne” picturised on Sharmila Tagore was hit. Also the songs in the film Anand Ashram, including “sara pyar tumhara’, sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle became extremely successful.


The songs in the film Kitaab, composed by RD Burman were also innovative. Master Raju played the role of the brother-in-law of Uttam Kumar and the song “aa ye ye, masterjiki”, which was song composed for children impressed the audience. Also the songs in the film Dooriyan, composed by Jaidev, and sung by Bhupinder Singh including “zindagi, zindagi, o mere ghar ana zindagi”, and “zindagi me jab tumhare gham nahi the”, became hit. Anuradha Paudwal sang the female version for Sharmila Tagore in the film.

While Uttam Kumar’s songs in bollywood films were extremely successful, his songs in Bengali films were equally popular. Hemant Kumar’s songs “sure akashe”, “jhar utheche”, in Sapmochon, and “surjo dobar pala” and “nir choto” in Indrani, became landmark hit.

Manna Dey’s songs “ami je jalsaghare”, “ami jamini”, from Antony Firingi, “ami agantuk”, “dekechi ke age” from Shonkhobela, became superhit. Shyamal Mitra’s song “udas bayul”, “dekhuk para porshite”, from Bonpalashir Podaboli, became super hit.


Due to sheer brilliance of Uttam Kumar, the singers who had sung for him had received acclamation from all sections of the crowd and the songs became immortal over a period of time. The songs and the films should be preserved and restored.

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