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Preeti Zinta and Saif Ali Khan.

Preeti Zinta And Saif Ali Khan

Preeti Zinta

Preeti Zinta had created her carefree image from her first film Soldier opposite Bobby Deol. From that time, she had performed opposite most of the leading stars of bollywood. She had performed in successful films opposite Saif Ali Khan.

In Salaam Namaste, Preeti played the role of a radio jockey in Australia, who had come over there for completing a medical course and or supporting herself did the part-time work just like most other Indian students abroad. Saif Ali Khan was a specialised cook in a prominent hotel in the same city.

Saif Ali Khan.

Preeti Zinta had called Saif Ali Khan for interview on one of the days, and just because he was late she made defamatory remarks at him. Saif Ali Khan asked for legal advice from his friend played by Arshad Warsi. Initially both Saif Ali Khan and Preeti Zinta hated each other but after meeting in a marriage party their relationship changed.

But they never wanted to marry each other but lived together in a rented house. When Preeti Zinta started carrying the new relationship was shaken up. It made Saif Ali Khan responsible who previously wanted to avoid all the liabilities. At the end Preeti Zinta gave birth to a child successfully. The songs in the film like “salaam namaste” became big hit.

Preeti Zinta Saif Ali Khan.

In Kya Kehna, Preeti Zinta played a challenging role where she entered into an affair with Saif Ali Khan and started carrying. Saif Ali Khan did not have the courage to accept the child. Preeti Zinta’s parents also got annoyed with her due to remarks of the neighbours.

At that time Preeti Zinta took a decision of giving birth to the child and marry Chandrachud Singh who was ready to accept the child in spite of not being the father. The title song of the film “kya kehna” became very successful.

Preeti Zinta

The flamboyant image of Saif Ali Khan matched with the carefree attitude of Preeti Zinta in the films wherever they have acted together. Although Preeti Zinta is busy with her team Kings Eleven in IPL cricket matches, the viewers expect both of them to continue to perform together in more films in future.

By: Rumi Chatterji.

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