Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Utpal Dutt comedy films.

Utpal Dutt comedy films.

By: CR Chatterji.

Utpal Dutt, one of the legendary scholar, dramatist, actor, director, had entertained the bollywood audience with his intellectual humour. In Guddi, he played the role of the uncle of Jay Bacchan who was obsessed with the performance of bollywood actors. Utpal Dutt asked Dharmender to show Jaya Bacchan that whatever is shown in films are unreal and the actors become successful only due to the background work done by the technicians. Jaya Bacchan was convinced and the entire message was delivered by Utpal Dutt in a serio-comic manner.

In Golmaal, Utpal Dutt believed in old values. Amol Palekar, the employee in his firm, had to tell a no. of lies including the fact he had a twin brother to win the confidence of Utpal Dutt in the firm. Amol Palekar had to play the role of Ram Prasad, the elder brother, who worked in Utapl Dutt’s office and Laxman Prasad, who taught music tohis daughter played by Vindya Goswami. Utilmately the truth was unfolded and Utpal Dutt had no other way but to get his daughter married to Amol Palekar.

In Kisi Se Na Kehna, Utpal Dutt wanted his son Farooq Sheikh to marry a village girl who would now traditional values and would be soft, docile in nature. Deepti Naval, a doctor in the film, who was attached with Farooq Sheikh had to tell a number of lies before Utpal Dutt including the fact that she never knew English. Saeed Jaffery, the friend of Utpal Dutt, helped Deepti Naval a lot to impress Utpal Dutt and maintain the wedlock.

Utpal Dutt was elegant in the film Naram Garam, where the astrologer played by Om Prakash, told him that by marrying at an old age he was destined to earn a lot of property. So he agreed to marry Swaroop Sampad, who was engaged with Amol Palekar. As her father had a lot of debt with Utpal Dutt, her father agree to get her married to the old man. At the end of the film, Utpal Dutt’s relatives Dina Pathak and the daughters arrived and he changed his mind and asked Amol Palekar to marry her.
Utpal Dutt was a big asset for films of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and other passionate directors of 70s and 80s, who dealt with intellectual comedy where Utpal Dutt became an institution by himself. His films should be restored and preserved.


Supriya said...

Utpal Dutt was also elegant in his comedy expression in bengali films like Sriman Pritviraj, directed by Tarun Majomudar and Hirak Rajar Deshe directed by Satyajit Ray. He used his big eyes to perfection while providing expression for comedy films.
Supriya Chatterji.

Aman Kohli said...

Utpal Dutt was a real commedy star who can make anyone to laugh on his expressions and dialouge delivery. I am keeping the collections of all his comedy films like Golmaal, Shaukeen, kisi se na kehna, Naram Garam.
Aman Kohli