Monday, May 12, 2008

Hema Malini Sanjeev Kumar.

Hema Malini Sanjeev Kumar.

Hema Malini acted opposite all the leading stars in her career in bollywood films. She even did well opposite Sanjeev Kumar, one of the most versatile actors of all times.

In Seeta Aur Geeta, Hema Malini played a double role, where one sister, Seeta was docile where as the other sister Geeta was smart and aggressive. Seeta was ill-treated by her step mother and relatives in spite of the fact that she was the source of income for the family, as the property was given in her name. She went to commit suicide and was saved by local people and brought near the house of Dharmender who was associated with Geeta.

Geeta used to perform in games and road-shows for livelihood. She came to the house of Seeta, by coincidence and faced the oppression of her relatives. She gave fitting reply against the torture committed by the family members. Sanjeev Kumar gave lift to Geeta and fell in love with her. There was drama at every point and the audience enjoyed the performance of all the actors and actresses in the film. The song picturised on Sanjeev Kumar and Hema Malini, titled “hawa ke saath saath” composed by RD Burman became very big hit.

Both of them were also seen in the film Sholay, although in different characters. Hema Malini acted opposite Dharmender in the film, and played the role of a tangawali, who used her vehicle for livelihood. Sanjeev Kumar was the zamindar of the village which was disturbed due to oppression of the dacoits in that region.

Sanjeev Kumar’s hands were cut and he created an army of two men played by Big B and Dharmender who faced Gabbar Singh (played by Amzad Khan) in the film. There were lot of incidents where Hema Malini interacted with Hema Malini in the film. Both their performance were well appreciated by the audience.

Sanjeev Kumar started character acting from mid-70s because directors were encouraged to do experiment with the legendary actor as he had the talent to play any type of role. He performed in other films also where Hema Malini had important roles. Gulzar’s films like Khushbu, Kinara were probably some of the best films of Hema Malini. Sanjeev Kumar and Hema Malini’s films should be preserved for future generations.

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