Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bollywood performers in Rituporno Ghosh’s films.

Bollywood performers in Rituporno Ghosh’s films.

Rituporno Ghosh, the talented director of Bengal had directed a number of films which received critics’ acclamation. He had used many bollywood performers in his films and they had done well in his films.

In the film Choker Bali, based on Tagore’s story, Aishwarya Rai played the role of Binodini, a young girl who became widow, after her husband died out of sickness. She was invited to live with the lady Rajlakshi and her son Mahendra. Mahendra was the character with whom Aishwarya Rai was supposed to marry and both of them developed a relationship in spite of Mahendra having a wife named Ashalata. The other notable characters were played by Prasenjit Chatterji, and Raima Sen, the granddaughter of Suchitra Sen. Everyone did well in their respective roles and the film was successful.

In the film Antarmahal, Jackie Shroff played the role of oppressive zamindar who pleased the British officials during colonial rule to get Rai Bahadur title. Her first wife Rupa Ganguly was not liked as he did not get any child out of the wedlock and he married Soha Ali Khan who became his second wife. Soha Ali Khan had attachment with Abhishek Bacchan who played the role of a young sculpture in the film. All the performers were successful to depict the style of living that was followed in rural Bengal during the British Raj.

In the film Bariwali, Kiron Kher did well in the role of a middle-aged landlady. In the film Titli, Mithun Chakravarty entered into a relationship with both Konkona Sen Sharma and her mother Aparna Sen, when they met each other near Darjeeling, when Konkona and her mother were going to receive her father Dipankar Dey at the Airport. Mithun Chakravarty played the role of a film actor in the film and Konkona Sen Sharma was obsessed towards him. The film also showed mother-daughter relationship.

Even in the film Raincoat, Ajau Devgan meets Aishwarya Rai in Kolkata, when he was looking for a financer for his new business. They were attached to each other 6 years ago and shared their past experience. Aiswarya Rai was also in financial needs and was alarmed by her landlord about paying the rent. Whenever bollywood performers had performed in Rituporno Ghosh’s films they tried to put realistic performance and were all appreciated by the common audience and critics. Viewers expect Rituporno Ghosh to continue to do his good work and provide quality roles to other bollywood performers in future.

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