Thursday, May 8, 2008

Satyajit Ray and Anil Chatterji.

Satyajit Ray and Anil Chatterji.

By: CR Chatterji.

Satyajit Ray, one of the greatest directors of all times, had used the potentiality of majority of actors and actresses to their fullest extent. As most of his character actors were chosen according to his illustration in the script, the casting became of one of the key factors which enhanced the level of excellence in his films.

Anil Chatterji, the legendary actor after Uttam Kumar, in Bengali films, was previously categorised as actor of Hrithik Ghatak’s films like Meghe Dhaka Tara, Komol Gandhar, etc. When he performed in Ray’s films he brought a new dimension to the respective films.

In Post Master, one of the three stories of Tagore which formed Teen Kanya, he showed the attachment with a little village girl, who cooked the food and helped him as post master in the village where he was posted. The little girl was taught some elementary Bengali grammer by the post master. She also treated Anil Chatterji when he became sick. After few months the post master was transferred leaving a tragic end to the story, where the little girl even refused to accept the monetary consideration provided by Anil Chatterji.

In a totally different background Anil Chatterji performed his role as a middle class Bengali in the film Mahanagar. He lived in a conservative family and his wife Madhabi Mukherjee had to start working as it was not possible to run a family with income of one breadowner. It was the transition of Bengali women starting to work outside and play the role of the domestic wife and the officer worker together. Anil Chatterji balanced the role of a husband and also convinced his father who retired as a school teacher that his wife was helping him in running the family in the mid-60s.

Anil Chatterji was depicted as a carefree character in the film Kanchenjungha by Ray. He was not moved by the greatness of the Himalayan range but had admired nature in his own way. The film was related to the realisation of the greatness by Chabi Biswas, a rich industrialist in the film. Just like the other legendary actors of Bengali cinema Anil Chatterji contributed a lot to the artistic presentation of Ray’s films which are considered as masterpieces by critics all over the world. The films should be restored and preserved.


Rumi said...

Anil Chatterji never received the honour that he deserved for his outstandgin career in Bengali films. His performance in films like Sagina, Nirjon Saikate, Jotugriha, had moved the viewers. He is an equally brilliant actor like Uttam Kumar, Bosonto Chowdhury, Bikash Roy, etc.
Rumi Chatterji.

Supriya said...

Anil Chatterji had good hindi pronounciation and whenever he performed in bollywood films like Sagina, Amanush, his performance had been appreciated by the viewers. He was sublime in the films Kalamati, Notun Jiban, Agnisanskar, etc.
Supriya Chatterji.

Supriya said...

Satyajit Ray had used character artists to perfection in his films. just as Anil Chatterji was selected in Post Master, Mahanogor, Dhritiman Chatterji was used in Pratidwandi, Gono Shotru, Agantuk. Also Utpal Dutt was brilliant in Joy Baba Felunath, Hirok Rajar Deshe, Agantuk,etc.
Supriya Chatterji.

Souvik Chatterji said...

Anil Chatterji never received the recognition that he deserved. He had acted in challenging roles in Post Master and Mahanagar directed by Ray, Nirjan Shaikate, Jotu Griha directed by Tapan Sinha, Meghe Dhaka Tara, Komol Gandhar directed by Ghatak, etc., ad also contributed in commercial films like Amanush, Ami Se o Sakha, etc. He had a distinct style of dialogue delivery which was used adequately by Ray.