Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Uttam Kumar and Ajoy Kar were sublime in Khelaghar.

Uttam Kumar and Ajoy Kar were sublime in Khelaghar.

Mahanayak Uttam Kumar acted in more than 8 films of epic director Ajoy Kar, which included the biggest hits of all times like Harano Sur and Saptapadi. Mahanayak Uttam Kumar gave a brilliant performance in Ajoy Kar’s film Khelaghar released in early 60s. Ajoy Kar always considered Uttam Kumar as his model in most of the films including the greatest hits of all times, Harano Sur and Saptapadi. Uttam Kumar’s appeal had not died out even today after 29 years of his death. That is the reason Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee renamed Tollygunge Metro Station as Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Metro Station in the recent past to show homage to the greatest superstar of all times.

In Khelaghar, Uttam Kumar surrendered before Kolkata Police after being involved in anti-national activities. He was a freedom fighter. He ran out of the prison and entered the room of Mala Sinha, tied her up and by wearing the clothes of Mala Sinha’s father Chabi Biswas escaped.

The entire film was related to the efforts made by the Kolkata Police to arrest Uttam Kumar. In the meantime Mala Sinha did not want to marry the person selected by Chabi Biswas. So she left her house and took Uttam Kumar’s help to escape from the hands of local gundas.

The relationship developed into affection. Rafi sung for Asitboron in the film while Hemant Kumar sang songs for Uttam Kumar. Asitboron gave good lips in the song sung by Rafi. At the end of the film, the actual freedom fighter for whom Uttam Kumar surrendered before the police appeared in Court and disclosed the truth. Uttam Kumar was a musician who had love for his country, so guarded the freedom fighter. Uttam Kumar was send to two years imprisonment for false personification under section 419 of the Indian Penal Code.

There were very few performers in the film including Chabi Biswas, Uttam Kumar and Mala Sinha. So these few characters Ajoy Kar, the giant director managed to deliver a hit film for the audience. The story still has relevance and Uttam Kumar’s appeal in the film had not died out. The film should be restored and preserved.

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