Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sourav Ganguly brought Arjun Chakravary, Saheb Chatterji in Dadagiri.

Sourav Ganguly brought Arjun Chakravarty, Saheb Chatterji in Dadagiri.

Sourav Ganguly brought celebrities in Dadagiri including Arjun Chakravarty, Saheb Chatterji, Locket Chatterji, Srilekha Mitra, Pijush Ganguly and Dolon Ray. All were celebrities and their basic experiences were shared to Sourav Ganguly and the people at large.

Arjun Chakravarty, an established actor of Bengali cinema, with accolades of performing in Tapan Sinha’s award winning films like Antardhan, shared his past with Sourav Ganguly. He said that he worked as assistant to legendary director Gulzar for a long time before acting in the film Ankush with Nana Patekar and others. He sang a song of Mukesh and showed his skills in other fields too.

Locket Chatterjee talked about her relationship with the family of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhanshdeb. She was asked the surname of Sharada Ma, which was Mukherjee before she married Sri Ramkrishna. Dolon Roy talked about her acting experience, including the secret of success of the theatre Hiralal Pannalal which was performed in Uttam Manch in South Kolkata for a long time. Robi Ghosh, Tarun Kumar and many other veteran actors acted in that play.

Actor Saheb Chatterjee shared his experience as human resource manager in a Firm in Kolkata before joining films. He sang a number of songs including “tora je j abolish bhai”. Sourav Ganguly kept a question relating to a song in Sandip Ray’s film Guga Baba Phire Elo, which was sung by Saheb Chatterjee. Sourav commented that he should take his career as singer as seriously as acting.

Actor Pijush Ganguly stayed in the same place where Sourav Ganguly stayed, that is Behala. He said that in his program of Sasuri Bouma, frequently people used to ask about Sourav Ganguly as both lived in the same place and Ganguly was a very popular figure during the days captaincy of Indian team. Sri Lekha Mitra also shared her experiences.

The program became extremely successful and increased the TRP of Zee Bangla. Sourav Ganguly had proved his brilliance in the field of anchoring, that too in a Quiz Show. The viewers wish their best for the future Dadagiri shows.

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