Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Uttam Kumar would have got more national awards had it started earlier.

Uttam Kumar would have got more national awards had it started earlier.

The national awards for best actor started in 1967. Uttam Kumar received the best actor award for his splendid performance in the film Chiriakhana and Antony Firingi released in the same year.

It is a pity that the national awards for the best actor were started so late. Otherwise superstar Uttam Kumar could have won many more awards. Firstly his performance in the film Saheb Bibi Ghulam could have been considered for the award. He played the role of Bhootnath who was the observer in the film who witnessed the downfall of zamindari in North Calcutta during British regime. The same character was played by Guru Dutt in the bollywood film Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam.

Uttam Kumar’s performance in the film Harano Sur would have been considered for award. He played the role of big industrialist in Ajoy Kar’s classic film who lost his memory, married Suchitra Sen, and then forgot her after meeting with another accident. The film was considered as one of the greatest blockbusters of Bengali cinema.

Uttam Kumar won the BFJA award for the best actor for his brilliant performance in the film Saptapadi in 1961. He played the role of Krishnendu Mukherjee, an eminent doctor, who fell in love with Suchitra Sen, who was a Christian, but as his father Chabi Biswas stood in the way of inter-religious marriage, he sacrificed his life for the cause of victims of 2nd world war. Uttam Kumar’s performance could very well qualify for national award.

Uttam Kumar was equally brilliant in Tapan Sinha’s historical film Jhinder Bandi. He played a double role showing the bravery of rajput prince. Uttam Kumar was sublime in his performance in the films Thana Theke Aschi, Jotugriha, Nayak and Shankhabela.

Had these films being released after 1967, Uttam Kumar would have got more number of national awards. Firstly he was the automatic choice of all the legendary directors of Bengal, namely Satyajit Ray, Tapan Sinha, Ajoy Kar, Harishadhon Dasgupta, Agradoot, Agragami, Salil Sen, Salil Dutta, to name a few. Secondly, his films were path-breaking classics, which remained in the hearts of numerous filmlovers across the country. The films should be revived as each of them had become work of art over the years.

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