Sunday, March 14, 2010

Right Yaaa Wrong will do good business.

Right Yaaa Wrong will do good business.

Then film Right Yaaa Wrong will do good business. The film had been directed by Neeraj Pathak and produced by both Neeraj Pathak and Krishan Choudhury.

The film was related to the rivalry of two police officers played by Sunny Deol and Irfaan Khan. Isha Kopikaar, the wife of Sunny Deol had been brutally murdered in the film according to the story. Sunny Deol was suspected for the commission of murder upon his wife. Although his sister Konkona Sen Sharma supported him and did not feel that he had murder his wife, Irfaan Khan, the prime investigator in the case got a scope of gathering evidence to prove the charge against Sunny Deol.

During his successful career, Sunny Deol was so busy with encounters with the underworld, that he hardly realized that his beautiful wife Isha Koppikar had extra-marital affair with other person. When his lower part of the body became paralyzed, he asked his family members to kill him.

The film had a lot of resemblance with the film Above Suspicion where Christopher Reeve and William H. Macy played notable roles. As far as the story is concerned it is very innovative and full of twists.

But in that respect the script was not as sharp if compared with the scripts of directors of suspense thrillers like Vijay Anand, Abbas Mastan, etc. Sunny Deol did well in his role. Isha Koppikar did a great job in a short role. A lot of critics had mentioned that had Isha Koppikar not got type cast the image of ‘khalas girl’ at the beginning of her career, she was a great asset for the industry. She requires to play more number of positive characters in future.

Irfan Khan was brilliant. He again had made acting looking very easy. Konkona Sen Sharma also was effortless in her role. The music of the film composed by Monty Sharma had been very average. Ofcourse music never played any premier role in the film. But the viewers should be happy with the story line and for that reason the film should be good business.

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