Thursday, March 25, 2010

Raqeeb had a good story line.

Raqeeb had a good story line.

Raqeeb released in 2007, had a very good storyline. The film was directed by Anurag Singh and produced by Raj Kanwar. Raqeeb in urdu means rivals.

The film revolved around the rivalry between Rahul Khanna, Sharman Joshi and Jimmy Shergill in respect of their affair with Tanushree Dutta. The story of the film had resemblance of Hollywood movie Wild Things.

Rahul Khanna was a security engineer in the film. His parents died at an early age after meeting with an accident. Sharman Joshi worked with him. Jimmy Shergill was a stage performer. Rahul Khanna met Tanushree Dutta through Sharman Joshi. Tanushree Dutta’s parents also died at an early age. She was also a loner. After having relationship between themselves for some time they married each other.

When Rahul Khanna was found dead, the suspicion fell on Jimmy Shergill who had motive of killing Rahul Khanna. Jimmy Shergill was the ex-boyfriend of Tanushree Dutta. When Jimmy Shergill came back to Tanushree Dutta’s life, their old love got rekindled.

They stopped Rahul Khanna from taking the medicine for asthma after creating mind game and he died. To the cops it appeared that the death of natural. But Rahul Khanna’s ghost haunted both Tanushree Dutta and Jimmy Shergill in the film.

Performance-wise all the actors in the film namely Rahul Khanna, Jimmy Shergill, Sharman Joshi and Tanushree Dutta did equally well. The music was composed by Pritam. It was impressive.

The film did decent business as these types of films have limited viewers.

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