Thursday, March 4, 2010

Click had serious horror elements.

Click had serious horror elements.

The film Click directed by Sangeeth Sivan, had serious horror elements embedded in it. In the last 5 years Ram Gopal Verma had shown his specialization in these types of films. But other directors had also done notable work in the field.

In Click, Shreyas Talpade played the role of a photographer. He and his wife Sada were returning home and faced a hit and run accident on road. From that time he found strange presence of someone in his photos.

He went and met Chunkey Pandey who suggested that spirits don’t chase human beings, but are attached with those who are related in some way or the other to them.

In the film Sneha Ullal had relationship with Shreyas Talpade during his early life. But he could not marry her. He send his friends to go to Sneha Ullal’s house to explain the thing to her. But they ended up raping and murdering the girl. When Shreyas Talpade entered her house and saw his friends, he feared that everyone was going to consider him responsible for killing the girl.

So he did not inform the police. The mother of Sneha Ullal never considered her daughter to be dead. She allowed her to sleep in the bed. Later it was seen that the body turned into skeleton after a period of time.

When Shreyas Talpade went to a doctor, the doctor asked him to weigh himself in a weighing machine. The weight was found to be 120 kg. The doctor thought that the machine was faulty. But later it was found that the spirit of Sneha Ullal sat on the neck of Shreyas Talpade and that added the weight.

The spirit chased him one night and he fell down from ladder and injured himself. At the end of the film he was found in a hospital with Sneha Ullal still sitting on his body. All the actors Shreyas Talpade, Sneha Ullal, Sada expressed their emotions very well in the film. The music was composed by Samir Tandon. The film has a lot of resemblance with the film Shutter. The director Sangeeth Sivan had made other types of films in the past including Apna Sapna Money Money, Kya Cool Hai Hum having comedy flavor and action films like Ek: The Power of One. This time he had experimented with horror subject-matter.

The film had been released on 19th February and is expected to do well.

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