Monday, March 30, 2009

Review of Ek: The Power of One.

Review of Ek: The Power of One.

Bollywood films did not have brilliant start in 2009, the way it had opened in 2008 with hit films like Jodha Akbar or Race at the very early time of the year. Due to recession and other reasons this year films like Billu Barber, Dilli -6 and Raaz – the mystery continues created some interest. The viewers don’t know for sure when the other films were released. The new film Ek: The Power of One also does not look as a very promising film.

Director Sangeeth Sivan has experimented with Bobby Deol and Shriya Sharan in the film Ek: The Power of One. Bobby Deol had a role which was similar to the ones he had played in films like Badal and Bichoo. He had been hired by a CM aspirant to shape an assassination and gather sympathy from the voters. But the killing happened in reality and Bobby Deol had to hide and fled to Hoshiarpur.

He entered a Punjabi House and pretended as the lost son. Over there he got involved with local problems. There were greedy farmers who wanted to grab the land of the relative of Bobby Deol by force. So he got a scope of showing his action skills in that part.

The only interesting part of the film involved the investigation carried out by Nana Patekar in respect of the killing of the CM. It has been seen in the past that whenever powerful actors were given smart scripts they changed the mood of the film. The best example can be Om Puri’s performance in Bobby Deol’s film Gupt. He accelerated the pace of the film and countered the aggressive performance of Bobby Deol.

The same thing happened in this film. Nana Patekar had created interest in the minds of the viewers from the time he stepped in. The film also got pace and direction. Shriya Saran did well but the script did not have much for her.

In a nutshell the film does not have the masala to end up being a blockbuster. Bobby Deol desperately requires a super hit film to remain in the elite list where he was at the time of release of films like Gupt or Soldier. These days action films are not doing well, so in that perspective, if the film does moderate business it is fare for the producer and director.

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