Monday, March 9, 2009

Review of the film Dhoonte Reh Jaoge

Review of the film Dhoonte Reh Jaoge.

The bollywood viewers again have been confronted with another comedy film Dhoonte Reh Jaoge. The film is directed by Umesh Shukla and the major actors and actresses include Paresh Rawal, Sonu Sood, Kunal Khemu, Soha Ali Khan. From the experience of the directors of bollywood films of the last 5 years, new directors feel that viewers accept comedy films more than romantic films and action films.

Paresh Rawal played the role of an unsuccessful film producer who was desperate to make a film and strike and comeback. He got a scope of making a film when Kunal Khemu, a chartered accountant, approached him. Kunal Khemu had a record of his honesty but as his girlfriend wanted to settle down he sacrificed his honesty to get quick success both monetarily and socially.

Soha Ali Khan was a big admirer of Ex-film celebrity Biswajeet. She wanted to be an actress herself.So the association of Paresh Rawal and Kunal Khemu became a blessing in disguise. Soha Ali Khan did not understand the motive of Kunal Khemu. He wanted to earn more than 100 crores by launching the film.

But knowing about the capability of Paresh Rawal and Soha Ali Khan he was rest assured that the film would end up being a flop. He wanted to get rid of the ghost of films from the head of Soha Ali Khan after the film ended up as a disaster. He also got Sonu Sood to sound the clapper board for the film.

But instead of being a great flop the film ended up being successful. The effort of the upcoming actors and actresses were appreciated. So the motive of Kunal Khemu was not fulfilled at all. Although the plot of the film was fine, neither the script was strong, nor the comedy sequences that impressive.

Paresh Rawal and Sonu Sood did well in their respective roles. But the film does not have the potential to be a blockbuster. These days low budget films never dream to bring back profits. But in the case of Dhoonte Reh Jaoge, the viewers would not be able to consider it better than a moderate venture.

Although in the recent past films like Partner, Om Shanti Om, Welcome did well at the box-office, they had impressive stars, quality direction, good picturisation and melodious music. Dhoonte Reh Jaoge has none of them so it will be a big surprise if it brings profit to the bollywood industry.

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