Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy birthday to Jagdeep.

Happy birthday to Jagdeep.

The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Jagdeep on 29th March, 2009. He had been in the industry for the last 50 years and had worked with probably most of the directors and producers of bollywood films. Jagdeep started his career as a child artist and featured in Guru Dutt’s films in the 50s. In the 60s he got scope of showing his comedy skills as an independent actor. In Shammi Kapoor’s film Brahmchari, Jagdeep played the role of the son-in-law of Dhumal in the film. He was not liked by Dhumal at all and tried his tricks to convince him. Jagdeep featured in many films of Jeetender including Ek Naari Ek Brahmchari, Khilouna, Mere Humsafar, etc., and did well in those films.

In the 70s, Jagdeep got the role of his lifetime in the film Sholay. His character Surma Bhopali has not been forgotten by viewers of bollywood films even today. He imitated the style of communication of muslim moneylenders in Bhopal and other parts of Central India very well. He informed the police about Big B and Dharmender and once they were released the prize money was returned to them by Jagdeep. The film became greatest hit of the last millennium and Jagdeep became automatic choice for leading producers of the country.

In the 80s, Jagdeep featured a lot in Feroz Khan’s films and got prominent roles in those films. In Qurbani, he played the role of a hotel owner, he wanted to be a boxer but due to father’s demise had to settle down with hotel business. He got beaten up by Shakti Kapoor’s men and was rescued by Vinod Khanna in the film. Similarly in the film Jaanbaaz, he played the role of a servant in the house of Feroz Khan.

He introduced Dimple Kapadia to the farms owned by Feroz Khan and Anil Kapoor in Jaanbaaz. His comedy performance was appreciated by many viewers. In the 90s, he acted in the landmark film of Raj Kumar Santoshi, titled China Gate. He acted along with all the stalwarts of bollywood films including Om Puri, Nasirruddin Shah, Amrish Puri, to name a few. He joined the team of soldiers led by Om Puri who came to a village in North India to fight against the dacoit who was unmanageable. As a retired military officer he lost his flexibility but cooperated with Danny and other soldiers in their fight against the group of dacoits.

In a span of 50 years Jagdeep had acted in more than 200 films. As a comedian he had earned respect for himself and filled up the vacuum that was created by Johnny Walker and Mehmood who dominated the films of 50s and 60s. Viewers expect him to continue his impressive work in the years to come.

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