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Films like Madhumati are creative works of art.

Films like Madhumati are creative works of art.
Films like Madhumati are creative works which had not become obsolete even with passage of time. Bimal Roy had experimented with the subject of re-incarnation which most sections of the people don’t believe in. But the strong performance of Dilip Kumar, Vaijayantimala, powerful direction of Bimal Roy, brilliant music of Salil Choudhury had made the views spellbound in 1958 and the film still remains as one of the classic creations of all times.

Dilip Kumar in his second birth had come to the same palace where he met Pran, the prince of the palace in his last birth. He told the story of his last birth to Tarun Bose. He was a forest officer, and worked within the estate of Pran, the ruler of the place. He entered into an affair with Vaijayantimala and convinced his father Jayant about the marriage. But when he went out of the city for official work, Pran brought Vaijayantimala in his palace, and she jumped from the roof and committed suicide.

Very significantly Dilip Kumar met another girl in the same place having similarity with Vaijayantimala. He asked her to cooperate with him and the police and create the same situation relating to murder before Pran so that he would confess about his guilt. The plan was made but the soul of Vaijayantimala told the story and Pran confessed his guilt even before the girl having similarity with Vaijayantimala could arrive in the palace. The soul of Vaijayantimala took Dilip Kumar to the roof and he slipped from the rooftop and died. Johnny Walker, the servant of Dilip Kumar and a local villager helped him all along the previous life.

In the second birth, again Vaijayantimala was married to Dilip Kumar. He heard about a railway accident and being worried went to search for his wife. He found his wife and child still arrive where the film ended. Although the story could not be believed by big section of the viewers, it entertained everyone. The songs “aja re pardesi”, “ghari ghari mera dil dharke”, “daiya re daiya re”, sung by Lata, “jangal me mor nacha”, “tute hue khwabon ne”, sung by Rafi, “suhana safar”, “dil tarap tarap ke” sung by Mukesh, stormed bollywood films for more than a decade. Salil Choudhury received the filmfare award for the best composer for his immortal composition in the film Madhumati.

One of the amazing factors of Bimal Roy’s classic lied in the romantic presentation of the film in the midst of glamourous locations. Although it was a black and white film, the shooting was mainly done outside the studio and vey romantic landscape with hills and waterfalls were shown in the film. The music was ably picturised and the popularity of Dilip Kumar and Vaijayntimala helped the director in getting the box-office support.

New directors can learn a lot from the classic creation of Bimal Roy which still can haunt the viewers with romantic appeal.

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