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Rakhee – the reserve actress of bollywood.

Rakhee – the reserve actress of bollywood.

Rakhee created a unique acting culture, which was different from other actresses of bollywood. Her soft, sensitive, reserve nature had motivated producers to give her unique roles which had contributed to the success of the films of 70s and 80s.

Rakhee got a big break opposite Shashi Kapoor in the film Sharmilee. She played a double role with one sister, being shy, while the other one very outspoken. The film had very good music composed by SD Burman, and songs like “khilte hai gul yaha”, “megha chaye”, sung by Kishore and Lata, became superhits.

Rakhee’s performance in Barsaat ki ek raat, opposite Big B, received critical acclamation, as she played the role of a blind girl, in the film. She also acted in the Bengali version of the film titled Anusandhan, directed by Shakti Samant. Rakhee did well opposite Vinod Khanna in the film Muqaddar ka Siqandar, where Big B, loved her and even died at the end of the film to save her. Rekha also did well in the film. Her successful films opposite Big B, include Kabhi Kabhi, Kasme Wade, Kala Patthar, etc.

Rakhee got a very challenging role in the film Shakti, opposite Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar played the role of an honest police officer who never compromised with any criminals. Rakhee had to balance her affection towards her son played by Amitabh with her respect towards her husband. Big B from her childhood developed hatred towards his father thinking that he never cared for him. When he was kidnapped by Amrish Puri, Dilip Kumar told the kidnappers they could kill his son, but he was not going to release the members of the gang who was arrested and imprisoned. Rakhee also showed her personality before her daughter-in-law played by Smita Patil.

Rakhee’s performance was also appreciated in the film Shaan, where she played the role of the wife of Sunil Dutt, a dutiful police officer. Sunil Dutt was killed by Kulbhishan and she and her daughter faced a number of attacks by the enemies which was faced by Big B, Shatrughun Sinha and Shashi Kapoor.

Rakhee acted in character roles in a number of films and thereto she had excelled, examples being Soldier, with Bobby Deol, Karan Arjun, with Salman and Shahrukh, etc. She acted in a number of Bengali films including Parama, directed by Aparna Sen. Viewers expect her to continue her good work in character roles in the years to come.

By: Rumi Chatterji.

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