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Lata and Jaidev.

Lata and Jaidev

Jaidev is one of the off-beat music composers who had composed music for selected films but most of those films had received critics acclamation. Lata had a fantastic combination with Jaidev and contributed a lot for his success in bollywood films. Jaidev’s bhajan “allah tero naam, ishwar tero naaam” in the film Hum Dono sung by Lata and picturised on Nanda in 1961 had become almost a national song for the country. It was composed in raag gour sarang and the movement of the song was really unconventional.

Jaidev’s composition for Lata in the film Mujhe Jeene Do, including the song “raat bhi kuch bheegi bheegi”, became very successful. The film was based on the life of dacoits and Sunil Dutt and Wahida Rehman received credit for their realistic performances in the film. In Prem Parvat, Jaidev’s composition for Lata titled “yeh dil aur unki, nigahon ke saaye” became very successful. The film had Hema Malini and and other less known performers.

Lata’s song in the film Reshma Aur Shera titled “ek meethi si chubhan” became very successful. The film had Sunil Dutt and Wahida Rehman in the lead roles with Amitabh and Vinod Khanna in small roles. Jaidev could create the folk effect of Rajasthan as the film was based on Rajasthan.

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Similarly Jaidev’s composition in the film Gaman , Ankahi had been highly appreciated by the musical community and Jaidev also received national award for his classical composition in these films. Similarly in the film Kinare Kinare, Jaidev’s composition for Lata like “aaj achanka kaise toote”, “ har aas ahska baar hai” became very very successful. The film had leading actors like Dev Anand, Meena Kumari and Chetan Anand.

Whenever Jaidev’s name appears in the list of music composer for bollywood films, his extraordinary treatment of ragas and folk effect is kept in mind and as Lata had dominated the industry for more than 30 years, Jaidev and Lata’s combination created a different impact in the mind of music lovers. The songs should be preserved for immense musical value.

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Unknown said...

By doing justice to Lata, Jaidev had not done injustice to other singers. He gave excellent song "tumhe hona ho","do diwane shahar me" in Gharonda to Runa Laila, "zindagi, zindagi, mere ghar ana", in Dooriyan to Anuradha Paudwal and many songs to Asha.
CR Chatterji.