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Dilip Kumar and Wahida Rehman

Dilip Kumar and Wahida Rehman.

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Dilip Kumar and Wahida Rehman are considered as one of the most versatile performers of bollywood for the last 60 years. They had performed in successful films opposite other actors and actresses in the their career, but whenever they acted together the viewers had cherished their depth of performance.

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Dilip Kumar played a double role in the film Ram Aur Shyam, where he showed his versatility in both the characters. Ram was afraid of Pran, who did beat him up and enjoyed his property. Where as Shyam was smart and wise. Dilip Kumar showed his capability in the comedy sequences as well. Wahida Rehman was associated with Shyam. She also exhibited her class in the film and the songs picturised in the film including “aaj ki raat mere”, “mai tha saqi”, sung by Rafi and Lata, and composed by Naushad had become immortal over the years.

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The same combination amazed the audience with their classic performance in the film Dil Diya Dard Liya. Dilip Kumar was the actual prince, but due to loss of identity he was treated like servant by Pran. Wahida Rehman had soft corner for him and their romance blossomed at the end after facing extreme barriers from the society. The tragic andaz of performance of both Dilip Kumar and Wahida Rehman was unparallel in the film. Again music played an important part with Naushad composing some immortal songs like “dilruba maine tere”, “sawan aye”, “koi sagar dil ko behlata nahi.” Rafi and Lata were probably at their best part of career and gave their best in the film.

Aadmi is the other successful film of the legendary pair. Manoj Kumar was the other actor in the film and Dilip Kumar jumped from the cliff of a mountain as he was repentant about his feelings for his friend. He became handicapped and walked on crutches. Both Dilip Kumar and Wahida Rehman could convey the romantic feelings and other thoughts to the audience who appreciated both the story and the music including songs like “na aadmi ka koi bharosa”, “aaj purani raho”, etc., sung by Rafi and composed by Naushad.

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The pair was seen for another time in Mashal, where Dilip Kumar could not save Wahida Rehman who died out of severe stomach pain. Anil Kapoor learnt a lot from the effortless performance of the legendary pair. If the most versatile pair of actors and actresses are searched for, the name of Dilip Kumar and Wahida Rehman will always come in the history of bollywood cinema. Their films should be preserved for the new generation.

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Supriya said...

Songs like "phir teri kahani yaad ayi" sung by Lata and picturised on Wahida REhman had not lost their appeal even today. Wahida Rehman was equally brilliant in her performance opposite Dilip Kumar in films like Aadmi, Ram Aur Shyam, etc.
Supriya Chatterji.