Monday, March 24, 2008

Dharmender and Hema Malini.

Dharmender and Hema Malini.

and Hema Malini had acted together in a number of successful films in the 70s and 80s. In Jugnu, Dharmender involved himself in risky deeds and earned money which he distributed among the poor people. Hema Malini performed her part very well in an otherwise action film.

In Seeta Aur Geeta, Hema Malini acted in a double role depicting the two twin sisters in the film. On of them was associated with Sanjeev Kumar while the other one was associated with Dharmender. The film was based on the similar storyline like that of Dilip Kumar’s Ram Aur Shyam. The film became interesting when the two sisters got interchanged and the people got confused with their new characteristics. RD Burman gave very impressive music in the film.

Sholay is known to people for its totality, where the individual characters became immortal over the passage of time. Even there, the highly talkative Hema Malini complimented the comedy performance and action skills of Dharmender. The viewers accepted the pair in the film just like the other pair in the film including Big B and Jaya Bacchan.

hema malini
In Gulzar’s Kinara, Dharmender had performed in a guest role, but there also the viewers accepted the pair. In Dharmender got killed due to accident with Jeetender’s car. He is shown in flashback. Bhupinder Singh’s song composed by Rd Burman titled “ek hi khwab kaibaar” picturised on Dharmender impressed the music lovers.

The same pair was well accepted in the film Burning Train. Although the film was based on the story of a super-express being built but due to bombing by Danny, had got burnt, the romantic portion displayed by Dharmender and Hema Malini got public appreciation. Dharmender even did well in the tragic sequence when due to misunderstanding he left the train and left Hema Malini also.

The pair had performed in other successful films like Charas, Naya Zamana, Dreamgirl, Rajajani, etc. Their films should be preserved for the new generation to see the mixture of romantic subjects and action thrillers.

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