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Uttam Kumar and Anjana Bhowmick were sublime in Nayika Sangbad.

Uttam Kumar and Anjana Bhowmick were sublime in Nayika Sangbad.

Anjana Bhowmick and Uttam Kumar were sublime in the film Nayika Sangbad. The film was directed by eminent director Agradoot. The film was released in 1967.

In the film Anjana Bhowmick played the role of an upcoming actress. She was travelling in a train along with co-actor Sarbendra and the unit of filmmakers. She got down in a station when the train stopped for lack of green signal, and could not get into the train when it suddenly started. She went to the house of Uttam Kumar who was the station master of that station.

The servant of Uttam Kumar played by Jahar Roy informed Uttam Kumar’s neighbours Pahari Sanyal and Anubha Gupta about Anjana Bhowmick and they thought she was the wife of Uttam Kumar. Uttam Kumar could not defend himself and the drama continued.

While staying in the place for few days Anjana Bhowmick really fell in love with Uttam Kumar. The songs in the film sung by Sandhya Mukherjee, namely “keno e logon chonchol holo”, “ei mishti dekho mishti” all became super hit.

At the end of the film when Sarbendra after enquiry reached the station and took Anjana Bhowmick, she returned back to Uttam Kumar considering him her husband. The romantic relationship between Uttam Kumar and Anjana Bhowmick was presented in style by director Agradoot.

The supporting performance in the film by Pahari Sanyal, Anubha Gupta and Jahar Roy was excellent. Uttam Kumar became mahanayak by that time, so obviously became unparallel as matinee idol. Anajan Bhowmick also instead of depicting mannerism, played her role in an effortless style. The film did excellent business. The film should be preserved and restored.

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