Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crocodile 2 was even more entertaining than Crocodile 1.

Crocodile 2 was even more entertaining than Crocodile 1.

Hollywood film Crocodile 2 was even more entertaining than Crocodile 1. The film was directed by Gary Jones. It was written by Jace Anderson and Adam Gierach. It was released in 2001.

In this film, four criminals did bank robbery and tried to escape to the village of Santa Cristo in Acapulco, Mexico. They hijacked a plane. They killed half of the passengers in the flight including one of the pilots and when the flight crashed into a swamp, they compelled the air-hostess and the other passengers to carry their heavy booty.

While they were travelling, a giant crocodile came and ate the other pilot, then the hijackers killed it by firing from their guns. From then onwards, the mother of the crocodile started killing all of them. The air-hostess Heidi Lenhurt was extraordinary. She poured alcohol in a bottle and made one of the hijackers intoxicated. But by the time she and the other 3 passengers ran through the swamp, the 3 hijackers caught them.

Heidi’s boyfriend Chuck Walzcak, convinced Martin Cove, a tracker to come and rescue the team. Martin Cove agreed to do it for money. Martin Cove with Chuck arrived at the right place and picked up a life boat to rescue the team. But Darryl Thierse, the leader of the hijackers compelled both of them to rescue everyone out. They took shelter in a wooden house inside the swamp. But that was destroyed by the crocodile and it started killing each member of the team one after the other.

Darryl compelled Martin to start the helicopter and go leaving behind Heidi Lenhurt and Chuck Walzcak. Martin killed Darryl by using his gun and after shooting throwing him in water. When Martin turned back to save Heidi and Chuck, the chopper of the helicopter was grabbed by the crocodile and Martin died in explosion.

Heidi and Chuck killed the crocodile by using their lifeboat’s gasoline being lit by a lighter. In the last scene, it was shown than Heidi and Chuck was diving in a pool and a crocodile emerged. Then Heidi woke up to see that she was having a dream.

The film was even more horrifying than Crocodile Part 1. The performances of Heidi Lenhurt, Chuck Walzcak, Darryl Theirse, Martin Cove were excellent. The direction of Gary Jones was brilliant. The film should be restored.

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