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Sanyasi Raja was Pijush Bose's brave project.

Sanyasi Raja was Pijush Bose’s brave project.

Director Pijush Bose made a brave effort with the film Sanyasi Raja released in 1975. The film was based on the real life story of Bhowal Sanyasi. The last king of the Bhowal Clan was poisoned by his wife Bibhabati Debi, but was rescued by few Naga Sanyasis. When he returned back to his kingdom after 14 years, suit was failed to prove cheating and that the Sanyasi was an imposter. The case went on Appeal before Kolkata High Court, and still remains one of the landmark cases before independence. Bhowal Sanyasi won the case, and the Court held that the Sanyasi and Raja Ramendra Narayan was the same person.

In the film Uttam Kumar played the role of the King. He was shown engrossed in women, alcohol and chess. Composer Nochiketa Ghosh composed excellent songs in the film sung by Manna Dey namely “bhalobashar agun jalao”, “ekotha ki jane indu”, “ei chondromukh na oi chondrahar”, “shashikanto tumi dekhchi”. Uttam Kumar gave able lips in those songs.

Uttam Kumar patronized a doctor played by Robin Banerjee. Uttam Kumar could not give time to Supriya Debi (his wife in the film), as he was involved in listening to the songs of baijees. During those days Robin Banerjee developed physical relationship with Supriya Debi. When Uttam Kumar was taken for a change, Robin Chatterji injected poison. The cremators took him for cremation, but Uttam Kumar was still alive. Few sanyasis gave him shelter and he recovered. He returned back to his land many years later as sanyasi. When Commission was held to prove his identity, he won the confidence of the Commission. Supriya Debi was killed by bullet fired by Robin Banerjee, and the subjects killed Robin Banerjee.

The credit of Pijush Bose was that he could convince the viewers of a fact situation that took place 50 years ago. Uttam Kumar’s performance was brilliant. The supporting actors like Tarun Kumar, Robin Banerjee, Tarun Mitra, Sulota Choudhury, Shambhu Bhattacharya did a commendable job. The film should be preserved and restored.

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