Saturday, June 4, 2011

Congo was a masterpiece.

Congo was a masterpiece.

The Hollywood film Congo made in 1995 was a masterpiece. The film was based on the novel Congo written by Michael Crichton. It was directed by Frank Marshall.

In the film it had been shown that Bruce Campbell had been send by Travicom Company and found the ruins of ancient city near volcanic sites of Congo. He was killed and mutilated by a beast which sounded like Gorilla. His girlfriend Laura Linney was send by the same company to Congo to get unique blue diamond from the same site.

Dylan Walsh and his assistant Heslov of University of Berkeley devised a way to give Gorilla the power to speak. His own lady Gorilla Amy used to speak. Tim Curry, a Romanian Philanthropist sponsored a tour to Africa, as Dylan Walsh wanted to send the Gorilla to Africa. She used to paint picture of forest with eyes to show the place where she lived earlier.

A great guide Ernie Hudson helped both Dylan Walsh, Tim Curry and Laura Linney to go to destination in Congo after arriving in Africa. Tim Curry disclosed that he knew a lost city of Zinj near the volcano where there were mine full of diamonds being the kingdom of King Soloman. The expedition was filled with a group of Africans who helped the team against group of hippopotamus while driving in water via a raft.

Solomon’s mine was found. The team discovered in hieroglyphic script it was written that we are seeing you. They found deadly gorillas who killed half of the team. The body of Bruce Campbell was also found. The gorilla Amy saved Dylan Walsh and others when the gorillas attacked them. Tim Curry was killed while picking up the diamonds. All of a sudden the volcano erupted and lava killed the gorillas. Laura used her laser gun to help the other team members. When she realized that her boss was only interested about diamonds and not Bruce Campbell, she destroyed the connectivity and returned back to civilization with Dylan Walsh. Amy gave Dylan a flower and returned to the group of good gorillas in the place.
The film did excellent business. Although critics argued about the costumes used to depict the gorillas, the film had a great social message. The performances of Laura Linney, Dylan Walsh and Ernie Hudson were excellent. The film should be preserved and restored.

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