Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review of the film Sankat City.

Review of the film Sankat City.

Sankat City had been one of the action thrillers released in 2009. It was a serio-comic film where the viewers could not realize what happened next. It was directed by Pankaj Advani while Anubhav Sinha produced the film. The music was composed by Ranjit Barot. KK Menon played the role of a petty car thief. Dilip Prabhawalkar, who had a shabby garage was his friend.

Both of them had good partnership. While KK Menon used to steal the cars, the cars were given a fresh treatment to make them saleable. Dilip Prabhawalker did that in his garage and sold the cars and both of them shared the profits among themselves.

One day KK Menon stole a Mercedes Car near a brothel. After stealing the car he brought the car to the garage of his friend for servicing as usual. Both of them recovered one crore rupees within the car. But they never realized that the money was kept by a leading gangster Anupam Kher.

The plans of KK Menon got messed up when he sold the car to Rahul Dev, who was a close friend of Anupam Kher. He informed Anupam Kher about the stealing operation. After that Anupam Kher send his men to collect the money that was there in the car.

Dilip Prabhawalkar kept the money in a safe place in the garage. He knew there would be problem relating to the money, as the amount was too big. But within short time he met with an accident and lost his memory. KK Menon could not return the money back to Anupam Kher as he never knew where his friend had kept it. Anupam Kher gave him 3 days to return the money.

Then KK Menon teamed up with Rimi Sen and found a way out after communicating with a builder. The film finished as a thriller, but most of the events were shown through comedy sequences. Other than Anupam Kher and KK Menon, Chunkey Pandey also did well in his short role.

The film has elements of entertainment and will appeal to the crowds.

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