Monday, August 31, 2009

Films like God Tussi Great Ho has strong message.

Films like God Tussi Great Ho has strong message.

Films like God Tussi Great Ho has very strong message embedded in them. The director Rumy Jaffery came up with a very innovative subject. Salman Khan had been shown as a hardworking person whose efforts go in vain due to mistakes of other persons. Where as his friend Priyanka Chopra’s efforts, get rewarded.

Salman Khan had spoke to God played by Big B, and said that the prayers of the common man never reach him. He said that Salman Khan had been scope of playing the role of God for few days. He used his powers to make Sohail Khan, his competitor speak rubbish before the lie detector when a corrupted minister was interviewed by Sohail Khan.

But Salman Khan never understood that if he fulfilled the wishes of every human being on earth it could lead to chaos. He fulfilled the dreams of prisoners to escape from jail, he fulfilled the dream of beggar to behave like dog, he fulfilled the dream of Sohail Khan to marry Priyanka Chopra, he fulfilled the dream of Rajpal Yadav to marry his sister.

Due to Salman Khan’s mistakes the entire earth became full of unrest. Salman Khan understood could only the limited wishes of men and women. God knew the right balance which could not be understood by human beings. So the mess that was created by Salman Khan was brought back to order by God.

The film gave the right the message, that unlimited desires cannot be fulfilled. Salman Khan’s serio-comic performance with Sohail Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Anupam Kher and others made people laugh. The songs in the film became successful as well like “tujhe aksa beech ghumadun”, to name a few. The music was composed by Sajid Wajid.

The viewers expect Salman Khan to come with more films having strong social messages.

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