Monday, August 3, 2009

Review of the film Love Aaj Kal.

Review of the film Love Aaj Kal

Love Aaj Kal

Saif Ali Khan had come up with a new subject in his new film Love Aaj Kal. He acted opposite Deepa Padukone and familiarized the viewers with his skills of production.

Deepika Padukone

In this film Imtiaz Ali, the director experimented with the subject of the young generation breaking social ties in order to pursue their career. Saif Ali Khan was obsessed to build bridges and he thought romantic relationships stood in the way of his success. Deepika Padukone also inspite of having affair with Saif Ali Khan thought that her career had priority over love relationship. She came to Mumbai from London to pursue her career.

Rishi Kapoor, a veteran in the film, did not like the carefree attitude of the youth. He thought that careers, professional life generally cannot stand in the way of the marital life and social responsibilities of individuals. At one point of time every young couple should settle. And if that factor is not there, life loses direction.

The online chemistry of Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone had worked in the film. The melodious music composed by Pritam had matched the romantic locations of London, San Fancisco, etc., where most part of the film was shot.

Love Aaj Kal
Imtiaz Ali used his skills of story-telling to portray another romantic film in somewhat same lines of that of Jab We Met. In that respect, Imtiaz Ali’s style of making films is not new to the viewers. But the viewers will wait for the ending of the film, as the climax was important.

Both Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone acted well in the film. Rishi Kapoor was sublime once again. His extra weight did not stand in the way of professional acting.


In a nutshell it can be said that Love Aaj Kal had the material of being a hit film. The viewers should watch the film.

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