Friday, October 12, 2012

Usha Utthup and Chandrabindu stormed Zee Bangla Banglar Sera Poribar.

Usha Utthup Popular singer Usha Utthup and Chandrabindu stormed Zee Banglar Sera Poribar on 10th October, 2012. Usha Utthup had remained an international figure in the world of music. Usha Utthup brought her family members and also the instrumentalists who assisted her in the performances in different places. Anindya Chatterjee and the members of Chandrabindu did a great job. In the katakuti round Chandrabindu Band won huge amount of money by giving right answers. Prasenjit Chatterjee asked Chandrabindu Band why did it take 4 years to create the new music album. Anindya Chatterjee and the other members of the band said that they had 8 albums previously. By that time they had created a brand image. So it took time to compose the songs which were similar to their brand that was created over the years. In the other round Usha Utthup and her team gave excellent answers. Usha Utthup sang the song “darling, ankhonse ankhe char” from the film Saat Khoon Maaf. Usha Utthup also won a number of film awards or the performance in the film Saat Khoon Maa. Everyone appreciated her performance. Prasenjit Chatterjee anchored the program very well.

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