Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rachana Banerjee brought Ghantu in Didi No. 1 on Bhaiyadooj.


Rachana Banerjee brought Ghantu in Didi No. 1 on Bhaiyadooj.

Rachana Banerjee’s successful program Didi No. 1 on Zee Bangla Channel on 28th October, 2011, was a bit different.

She had brought 5 small girls as participants and 5 boys to get involved in the festival of bhaiya dooj. In Bengali bhaiyadooj is called bhaiphota. In the list of boys Ghantu, a fat small child was brought who had been the star of the show Dance Bangla Dance also shown in Zee Bangla Channel sometime back. Ghantu had been the darling of many Bengali stars including Mithun Chakravarty.

In the first round, within 1 minute, the girl participants had to recite the poem “bhaiyer kopale dilam phota”, and give the 5 brothers sweets. Those who could complete the entire ritual got 25 points. The little girls did a good job. At the end of it, the boys gave them gifts.

Rachana Banerjee conducted the entire thing in style. In the second round a singer was called up to sing songs relating to bhaiya dooj. He sang songs like “phoolon ka taaron ka” from the film Jewel Thief. The child participants tried their best to sing whatever they could.

In the entire program Rachana Banerjee stressed on the need for maintaining cultural norms, because Dhanteras, choddoshakh, choddopradip, deepabali, all ends with the end of bhaiyadooj. That was the purpose why child contestants were called on that day instead of adult contestants. Rachana Banerjee did a great job.

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