Sunday, October 30, 2011

Singing superstar Arati Mukherjee, Kaushiki Desikan, Sidhu amazed Mithun Chakravarty.

Sidhu and others in music album.

Singing superstar Arati Mukherjee, Kaushiki Desikan, Sidhu amazed Mithun Chakravarty in Dadagiri.

Singing superstar Arati Mukherjee, Kaushiki Desikan, Sidhu, Sriradha Banerjee, and others amazed Mithun Chakravarty in Dadagiri Program in Zee Bangla on 29th October 2011. Mithun Chakravarty brought all the celebrities after diwali on 29th October, 2011.

Arati Mukherjee had been given ample respect by superstar Mithun Chakravarty. She was asked to sing her super hit song “tokhon tomar ekush bochor bodhye”. In a quiz question a clipping was shown relating to the film Masoom. In the film Shabana Azmi’s lips was shown in the song “do naina”. Kaushiki Desikan, the daughter of Pandit Ajoy Chakravarty came down and touched the feet of Arati Mukherjee to show that she had sung the song. Arati Mukherjee in fact received filmfare award for the best singer for the performance in the film Masoon, where brilliant tunes were composed by RD Burman.

A question was asked relating to a song sung by Kaushiki Desikan, and Sidhu rightly identified her. Sriradha Banerjee sung a hindi song that touched everyone.

Sidhu sang Mithun Chakravarty’s song “yaad aa raha hai tera pyar”. He said everyday he is asked to sing his own song. But he felt privileged to sing the song which made Mithun Chakravarty superstar.

Very interesting questions were asked to the contestants. For example Rabindranath Tagore, used bayul folk tune for the song “Jodi tor dak shune keu na ashe tobe ekla cholo re”. Sidhu answered that dhop is a form of kirtan song.

At the end of the program Sidhu won the competition by giving more number of right answers than the others. But Mithun Chakravarty said, as all the participants were celebrities, it was no one’s victory or loss, everyone participated and exhibited their immense skill in singing.

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Souvik-indrajalik said...

Mithun Chakravarty had shown immense respect to all the singers. His communication in Dadagigi Program in Zee Bangla Channel.
Souvik Chatterji