Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mir Afsar Ali, Saheb Chatterjee and others rocked in Mithun's Dadagiri.

mir afsar ali hindi actor
Mir Afsar Ali.

Mir Afsar Ali, Saheb Chatterjee and others rocked in Mithun’s Dadagiri.

Actor Mir Afsar Ali, Saheb Chatterjee and others rocked in Mithun Chakravarty’s successful program Dadagiri shown in Zee Bangla Channel held on 22nd October, 2011. The celebrities who were invited included Bidipta Chakraborty, Saheb Chatterjee, Mir Afsar Ali, Biswanath Choudhury, Anindya Banerjee and Swaralipi.

Mithun Chakravarty asked questions in every round. There had been new names of rounds if compared with Dadagiri program previously anchored by Sourav Ganguly. The new names included pack up or panga, quick or quack, etc. A clipping was shown of Mir’s acting in the film Bong Connection.

Mithun showed a clipping of football player David Viya (villa) of Spain and the question was asked to Anindya Banerjee. He could not answer it. Mir was asked about the singers of the song “ay khuku ay”. Mir answered that the song was sung by Hemanta Mukherjee and Srabonti Majumdar. A clipping was also shown from Mithun’s film Jaag Utha Insaan, where Sri Devi acted opposite Mithun Chakravarty.

mir afsar ali hindi actor
The googly round was excellent. There was a question if 1=2, 5=7, then 11 = “koto hobe”. The answer was “koto hobe”. The answer was there in the question. Biswanath Choudhury answered most of the questions in the rapid fire round called quick or quack and won the Dadagiri competition.

Mithun Chakravarty asked Mir Afsar Ali to sing the song “awesome sala” which he used to do after imitating Mithun Chakravarty himself. Mithun Chakravarty had proved himself to be an excellent anchor. Right from Dance Bangla Dance to Dadagiri, he had proved his versatility.

mir afsar ali hindi actor

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