Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review of the film Videsh.

Review of the film Videsh.

Deepa Mehta experimented with Preeti Zinta in her new film Videsh. The viewers previously had watched Deepa Mehta’s films with the idea of getting any social message. She had done an excellent job in the film Monsoon Wedding and other films in the past.

Preeti Zinta in this film had married a person name Rocky and left his own family to settle in Canada. She went to Ontario in Canada and married Rocky through the rituals of settled marriage.

Unfortunately her husband being a cab driver, had the burden of taking care of her ill-tempered mother, confused old father, his brother who had a wife and two children. With that amount of headache on his shoulders he depended on Preeti Zinta as well. She worked in a factory which manufactured napkins to contribute for her family.

She was extremely ill-treated by her husband and the in-laws and found no space in life. Now she had the option of returning back to India to meet her parents and disclose about everything. She had a Caribbean colleague who told about a root by consuming which her husband could have gathered attachment for her. Even she resorted to the magic that could be created by King Cobra that was believed in fables.

None of the formula worked in any way. She was beaten up by her husband and almost led the life of a slave. There was no sympathy from any corner. Preeti Zinta’s performance was excellent by every ethical standard. Even Vansh Bharadwaj who played the role of her husband Rocky played the cruel role in style.

But the film was made only with the message of extreme cruelty existing in a foreign country which apparently is considered to be a paradise. There were hardly any relief scenes. There is every possibility that the viewers could get choked with such a serious subject-matter. Even there was no music which could divert the minds of the people.

The message of Deepa Mehta was excellent and she had shed light on a subject which is not known to many people. But the film did not have the pace that was evident in other films of Deepa Mehta like Monsoon Wedding. Viewers should watch the movie for the relevant message.

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