Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Review of the film 8*10 Tasveer

Review of the film 8*10 Tasveer.

Director Nagesh Kukunoor had experimented with an abstract subject in the film 8*10 Tasveer. Akshay Kumar used to be considered the safest actor of bollywood in 2008 after he gave hits after hits. But his film Chandni Chowk to China did not do great business and his fans expected a lot from 8*10 Tasveer.

The film opened with acrobatic stunts of Akshay Kumar, as he ran through a forest, jumped off a cliff, landed in water, stayed under it for sometime in reference to a bear trap. Akshay Kumar initially showed his inclination to become an environment warrior. But when his wealthy father (Benjamin Ghilani) fell off a boat in the presence of his wife played by Sharmila Tagore and died, Akshay Kumar became serious. In fact his father died even in front of his business partner played by Girish Karnad.

Javed Jaffery, the detective in the film convinced Akshay Kumar that his father had not died, but was murdered with previous planning and intelligent execution. Akshay Kumar studied and examined the last photograph of his father. He saw the picture of three of the business partners sitting with his father in the boat.

He tried to study four of them in the photo frame and realize what was there in their mind when they hatched up the plan of murder of his father. The rest of the film hovered around the solving of the murder mystery. Obviously the film had a number of romantic scenes with good locations as well.

The romantic performance of Ayesha Takia opposite Akshay Kumar is worth mentioning. After a long time Ayesha Takia got a prominent role opposite the leading star of bollywood. Even Javed Jaffery’ relief performance in respect of the hyderabadi spoken in the film was also impressive.

But the biggest problem with the film lied in the fact that it was too slow. Nagesh Kukunoor’s treatment relating to murder mystery could not shape in the manner crime thrillers like Race were made earlier by Abbas Mastan. The music of the film was also ordinary.

Inspite of all these factors if the film does good business then it will be the sheer box-office of Akshay Kumar which does not fail often in the recent times.

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Rambul said...

Well this movie really stinked. Its sad that Nagesh Kukonner is really getting the Subash Ghai jinx.