Friday, January 14, 2011

Salil Choudhury had composed gems for all the legendary singers of golden age.

Salil Choudhury had composed gems for all the legendary singers of golden age.

Salil Choudhury, genius of words and tunes had composed brilliant tunes for most of the giants of Bengali music in the 50s and 60s. He composed melodious song for Tarun Banerjee titled “eso kache boso” which had the rhythm of railways. The song “pallabini go sancharini” composed for Dijen Mukherjee remains one of the most striking modern songs he had sang during his life.

The song “ami parini bujhite parini” had classical touch and Salil Choudhury did justice by composing it for the best classical singer of the 50s Manobendra Mukherjee. He almost converted it into a ghazal. Admirers of Salil Choudhury who glorified his westernized creations would salute him for his classical creations of the standard of “Ami parini bujhite parini” sung by Manobendra Mukherjee. Salil Choudhury created equally brilliant song “jhanana jhanana baje” for legendary singer Dhananjoy Bhattacharya.

Salil Choudhury was unparallel in the song “jhilmil jhauer bone jhikimiki” composed for Sabita Choudhury. The words banged against each other and carried the music together. He was equally brilliant in the song “jaak dhuye jaak muche jaak” sung by Shyamal Mitra. Salil Choudhury even composed song for actor Biswajeet Chatterjee titled “jay jay din” which became big hit in the late 60s.

Salil Choudhury was amazing in the song “mon matal sanjh sakal” sung by Mukesh having a pensive mood attached with it. Sandhya Mukherjee’s “neel neel pakhi” composed by Salil Choudhury was another gem with brilliant orchestration. Salil Choudhury was brilliant in the song “guru guru megher mondro bahare” which had western chorus attached with the solo piece.

Salil Choudhury’s philosophical words were given expression in the song “path harabo bole pathe nemechi” by Hemanta Mukherjee. Besides Lata’s song “ki je kori” also had equally brilliant music and words of Salil Choudhury. In fact Salil Choudhury’s songs written and composed by himself remains as some of bengal’s greatest intellectually oriented songs having multi-dimensional effect.

After Rabindranath Tagore, Dwijendralal Roy, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Atul Prashad Sen, Rajanikanto Sen and others probably Salil Choudhury was the greatest individual musical talent that Bengal had given birth to whose contribution in bollywood films, Bengali films, Bengali modern songs and IPTA’s works remain priceless gems which can be cherished for gems.

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