Monday, January 24, 2011

Actress Gita Dey and singer Pintu Bhattacharya passed away.

Actress Gita Dey and singer Pintu Bhattacharya passed away.

Legendary actress Gita Dey and romantic singer Pintu Bhattacharya passed away on the same day, on 17th January, 2011. Geeta Dey was 79 years old.

Gita Dey had acted in more than 200 bengali films in a span of 60 years. She was brilliant in her stage performances that spanned over 60 years. She had learned acting from Natyacharya Sishir Bhaduri and directors experimented to their limit with Geeta Dey due to her depth acting. She had played every type of role including villainish roles, serio-comic roles, tragic roles, etc.

She remembered the most for her epic performance in director Hrithik Ghatak’s award winning film Meghe Dhaka Tara. She played the role of mother of Anil Chatterji and Supriya Choudhury. She also acted in other landmark films of Ghatak including Komol Gandhar and Subarnarekha. She was sublime in Satyajit Ray’s award winning film Samapti, one of the three stories titled Teen Kanya.

Along with classic films she acted in numerous mainstream films like Abhaya Srikanto directed by Haridas Bhattacharya, Prothom Pratisruti directed by Dinen Gupta, Phuleshwari directed by Tarun Majumdar, Shilpi directed by Agragami, Mouchak directed by Arobindo Mukherjee. She was unblemish in her performance in the Television Serial Subarnalata. She played the role of Muktakeshi, the mother-in-law in the serial.

On the same day renowned singer Pintu Bhattacharya died. He sang many memorable songs during the 60s, including “ ek tajmahal”, “sona roder gaan”, “cholona dikhar saikat chere”, “sei prothom sei to shesh”, "jani prithibi amay jabe bhule", etc. During the days of huge competition in Bengali modern songs and domination of Manobendra Mukherjee, Shyamal Mitra, Manna Dey and others, Pintu Bhattacharya kept his mark with his unique style of singing.

The films, works of Geeta Dey and songs of Pintu Bhattacharya should be preserved and restored.

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