Thursday, September 19, 2013

Madhumanti Maitra, Deboshree Roy and others stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program.

Sourav Ganguly invited celebrities on 18th September, 2013. Bengali actress Deboshree Roy, actor Barun Chandra, Dulal Lahiri, Debika Mukherjee, newsreader Madhumanti Maitra and others. Sourav Ganguly asked Deboshree Roy about her new film Adhoba. She said that she is playing the lead role. The other artists in the film included Barun Chandra, Dulal Lahiri and others. Sourav Ganguly asked Deboshree Roy whether she had reduced acting in films after she became MLA from Trinamool Congress. She said she balanced the 3 things together, acting in films, her work as MLA and also the responsibilities in respect of social welfare. She also is an animal lover. She has a lot of dogs at home and takes care of them. Barun Chandra shared his experience of working with Oscar Winning director Satyajit Ray. He said Ray met him when Barun Chandra was working in an advertisement company. Ray came in contact with him and gave him a role in the film Sheemaboddhyo. The film was released in early 1970s. After that for 20 years Barun Chandra did not work in films. Then he joined films. Sourav Ganguly showed a clipping of the first hindi film of Deboshree Roy with Arun Govil and asked the question to Barun Chandra about the actor. He could not say it although he identified Deboshree Roy. Madhumanti Maitra gave the maximum number of answers and won the prize for the fastest 50 in the show. Deboshree Roy sang a song in the show. Madhumanti Maitra asked a googly question to Sourav Ganguly where she asked him to name a mountain where there was good fragrance. Sourav Ganguly said that Sourav meant good smell and Dadagiri had the word giri meaning mountain. Everyone clapped at Sourav Ganguly’s ready intelligence. He anchored the program very well and gave due respect to all the celebrities in the show.

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