Monday, September 16, 2013

Suchitra Sen’s Uttar Falguni and Saat Pake Bandha had crossed 50 years.

Great Bengali actress and mahanayika Suchitra Sen had been the most popular actress of all times. Along with Mahanayak Uttam Kumar she had remained an institution by herself. The media is celebrating 50 years of her two classic films Uttar Falguni and Saat Pake Bandha. In Uttar Falguni she played the character of a tawaif Panna Bai, who sacrificed her life for her daughter and killed her husband at the end of the film who tortured her for the entire life. The film was directed by Asit Sen. In Saat Pake Bandha, she showed the complication of life of married women in India, whose mother interfered with the life of her husband Soumitra Chatterjee, and in the end it led to breaking of the wedlock. The film was directed by eminent director Ajoy Kar. A lot of celebrities of the present period had spoken about the 2 epic films. Singer Sandhya Mukherjee had said that both Sabitri Chatterjee and Suchitra Sen were the most powerful actresses of her times. She had sung the maximum number of songs for Suchitra Sen. But when the question came to a mix of beauty and quality of acting Suchitra Sen had no competitors. Madhabi Mukherjee had said that Suchitra Sen was a bit reserve and egoist as well. But the ego and the personality of Suchitra Sen, matched the status and level she reached in acting. Eminent director Gulzar spoke about the 82 year old Suchitra Sen. He said, among the different actresses that he used in his illustrious film career as director, Suchitra Sen was the most dignified actress of all times. She acted in the film Aandhi and made everyone spellbound. Both the films should be restored, and efforts should not be made to remake these classic films with modern masala.

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