Monday, September 30, 2013

Papiya Adhikari, Rita Koiral and others stormed Double Dhamaka in Zee Bangla Channel.

On 30th September, 2013, Zee Bangla Channel came up with double dhamaka. Both Rannaghar and Didi No. 1 were merged together in the same program. Rachana Banerjee and Sudipa Mukherjee anchored the program together. Celebrities like Papiya Adhikari, Rita Koiral, Papiya Sen and Tanima Sen played the game. In the first round, all the contestants had to cook different dishes out of Pomfret fish. The celebrity who cooked the best dish got the maximum points and most number of awards. Papiya Sen cooked Chilly Fish out of Pomfret in Chinese style. Rita Koiral cooked Posto Pomfret with the same fish. Tanima Sen cooked Sarshe Pomfret with the same fish. Papiya Adhikari cooked Pomfret curry in Orissa style. All of them did a great job. Rachana Banerjee said it was not possible to identify whose dish was the best. Sudipa Mukherjee finally judged Papiya Adhikari’s Pomfret curry in Orissa style the best dish. She got all the awards in the first round. In the third round which was a musical round actor Arjun Chakravarty came and asked musical questions. All the celebrities answered musical questions of Arjun Chakravarty. Everyone said they loved Arjun Chakravarty. Both Papiya Adhikari and Rachana Banerjee said that they were amazed to work in Oriya films during the early part of the career. The large cut outs of them really amazed them. Arjun Chakravarty sang the antara of Hemanta Mukherjee’s song “boshe achi potho cheye” from the film Shapmochon. The mukhra was sung by Tanima Sen. Sudipa Mukherjee helped her. Arjun Chakravarty asked Papiya Sen to sing a rabindrasangeet. Rita Koiral sang the song “sajanake liye” and also danced with Arjun Chakravarty. All the contestants sang their songs correctly and got full points. In the rest of the rounds Rita Koiral answered all the questions and became Didi No. 1. Rachana Banerjee asked each of the celebrities about their plans in the upcoming Durga puja. All had plans of shopping and seeing Durga idols in Kolkata.

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