Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rashi and Ujjal stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program.

Rajatavo Dutta. Successful serial personalities Rashi and Ujjal stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program on 7th February, 2012. Actress Geetasri Roy had successfully acted in the Zee Bangla serial Raashi. Every viewer of Zee Bangla Channel knows Geetasri Roy with the name Raashi. His husband’s role is played by Ujjal. He also came to Zee Bangla Mirakel Program as guest judges. On 7th February, again Srilekha Mitra did not come. But Paran Banerjee and Rajatavo Dutta were present. Mir Afsar Ali played the role of an astrologer. Among the performers Mohammad Zamil played the role of a village commentrator. He did a great job with Bangladeshi accent. Vicky and Partho played the role of carate trainers. Always they did something new and innovative. After their performance was over Mir showed the clipping of martial art from the film Enter the Dragon where Bruce Lee killed his prey in style. Fatik Purokayet played his part very well. On Tuesday his wife Dola was brought in the show. Both of them danced with Mir in the song “maduli, bhul gaya sabkuch yaad nahi abkuch mere dil me hai july, maduli”. Sangeet Tiwary and Apurbo Roy were excellent again in their performances. Raashi and Ujjal both appreciated the performances of the all the performers. Mir asked whether Ujjal has girlfriends. Raashi said everyday he walks with a new girlfriend. Ujjal laughed at Raashi. Mir anchored the program in style.

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