Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sabyasachi Chakravarty stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program.
Sabyasachi Chakravarty in Royal Bengal Rahasya. Superstar Sabyasachi Chakravarty stormed Zee Bangla Mirakkel Program on 22nd February, 2012. He had been invited by Mir Afsar Ali in the show. Mir asked him whether he was more popular with his pet name “benuda” or as Satyajit Ray’s character “feluda”. He said people in the streets in Kolkata called him feluda. Mir again asked that recently Sabyasachi Chakravarty said that he was not going to act in the role of feluda anymore in any of the crime thrillers of Sandip Ray. In reply Sabyasachi Chakravarty denied the statement that would not act in the role of feluda anymore. What he said was that feluda should always look young. At the same time he was becoming older. So he requested Sandip Ray that he got a better feluda, a younger feluda, there is no harm in selecting him than Sabyasachi Chakravarty. Mir brought the topic on the context that “jatayu” Bibhu Bhattacharya had died last year, created huge loss in the feluda series after which Sandip Ray is also in a dilemma whether to make another film based Satyajit Ray’s crime thriller series related to feluda. Mir also said that Sabyasachi Chakravarty’s both sons had joined acting and they were doing good job. Then he said, his family chain in very long in respect of acting. His uncle Jochon Dastidar brought him to acting. Jochon Dastidar’s daughter Kheyali Dastidar and her husband Arindam Ganguly are also related to him. Sabyasachi Chakravarty appreciated the performances of all the performers namely Vicky Partho, Istiaq Nasir, Sajal, Sangeet Tiwary and others.

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