Monday, April 5, 2010

Irfan Khan was brilliant in Right Yaa Wrong.

Irfan Khan was brilliant in Right Yaa Wrong.

Irfan Khan was brilliant in the film Right Yaa Wrong. He played the role of the friend of Sunny Deol who had worked in police force for a long time with him.

Sunny Deol’s wife Isha Koppikar had an affair with another person known to Sunny Deol. When Sunny Deol’s leg got injured after bullets entered the lower part of his body, he had to walk on wheelchair. He recovered and started walking.

But when he saw his wife in bed with an adulterer he could not resist himself. He made a cold-blooded plan to kill his wife and the adulterer. He asked them to shoot him with a gun having false bullets. When his wife and the adulterer failed to kill him, he shot both of them and killed them. But there was no evidence to prove that Sunny was guilty.

Irfan Khan did the difficult job of finding clues in the case. He proved that Sunny could walk, because the bullet that killed Isha Koppikar was shot from parallel direction, absolutely straight. For doing that the killer required to stand up. It was not possible to kill Isha Koppikar by firing from the wheel chair, as she was standing at the time of being killed. Sunny explained before the enquiry commission that he threw a hard substance at his wife. She bend down to avoid being hit and Sunny fired her even after sitting in a wheel chair, parallel, at straight angle.

Irfan Khan was right, but he was proved wrong. In the Court of law, Konkona Sen Sharma, the defense counsel tried to prove that Irfan Khan was jealous about Sunny and falsely implicated him. Irfan Khan said Sunny was ill-tempered. Konkona Sen Sharma proved that if he was ill-tempered then he could not have committed the murder, because it was done in a cool manner.

At the end of the film, Sunny wrote in a letter to irfan Khan before boarding in a flight, that he was guilty. Even the lie-detector test could not prove it. He did it to save his little son’s life who was motherless.

Irfan Khan expressed his frustration very well. His acting had reflections of actors of parallel cinema. The film should be watched by viewers.

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