Monday, April 19, 2010

Alpona Banerjee could have continued with her music career in films instead of nursery songs.

Alpona Banerjee could have continued with her music career in films instead of nursery songs.

Alpona Banerjee, the romantic playback singer of Bengal during the 50s and 60s, had earned stardom through the songs she had sung for children. Prominent among them included “chottopakhi chandana”, “hattimatim tim”, “kana machi bho bho”, “charka kate buri”, “agdum bagdum ghoradum”, “dol dol duluni”, etc. But while her popularity before the children remained intact over 70 years, her stardom in the film industry declined.

Born on 14th March, 1934, she got breaks in bollywood films due to her father’s intimacy with legendary composer Robin Chatterji and lyricist Gouri Prasanna Majumdar. Her song “matir ghare aaj nemeche chand re” entertained the Bengali film viewers in the early 50s. From providing playback in Bengali film Bidyasagar, she sang a number of romantic songs in leading films of the 50s.

Her song “hriday amar sundoro taba paye” composed by Robin Chatterji in Uttam Kumar Suchitra Sen’s film Sagarika stormed the audience. Her song performance in the film Shubhada was specially acclaimed.

While her film career blossomed in the 50s, her Bengali modern songs bewildered the Bengali audience. Her romantic song “ami sundar bole tai to bondhu besecho bhalo amay” composed by Manobendra Mukherjee can be considered to be the most romantic song she had ever sung in her life. The other composition of Manobendra Mukherjee for her titled “mon bolche aaj sondhay kichu bolte tumi aasbeki” which became super hit.

Her other songs “Jodi tomar jibone” and “bolechile tumi gaan shonaabe” were equally romantic. She at the same time sung songs in prominent films like Chele Kar under composition of Kalipada Sen, Personal Assistant under composition of Nochiketa Ghosh, Pathe Holo Deri composed by Robin Chatterji. She was married to Sridhar Mukherjee and faded away from the film music arena in the 60s.

She also sang songs in romyogeeti in All India Radio. The other films where she made valuable contribution included Bidhilipi, Kar Pape, Na, Chele Kar, Shilpi, Agni Parikkha, Bhangagara, etc. Her other basic discs which were prominent included “ami alpone eke jai”, “bokulgandhe Jodi akash”, “tomar moner rong legeche”, “samiran phire chao”, etc.

Viewers wonder that if Alpona Banerjee had not sung nursery songs for children which in Bengali is termed “charar gaan”, she could have done great justice to her romantic voice and her place would have been besides Sandhya Mukherjee and Geeta Dutt who dominated Bengali film music and modern songs during 50s and 60s. The audience had an impression of Alpona Banerjee’s voice related to children’s fairy tales which got more predominance over other songs. She died on 24th July, 2009, at the age of 75 years. Her songs and films should be preserved.


Mukherji said...

It is great that her amazing talent and poise is being appreciated in such a way.she was an incredible
person which I was able to appreciate first hand. Bein her granddaughter I would like to thank you for keeping her memory alive.
The mukherji family.

Anonymous said...

Loved her music all my life.