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Kimi Katkar and bollywood films.

Kimi Katkar and bollywood films.

There were a number of actresses who appeared in bollywood films in the 80s and faded away from the industry after some period of time. Viewers had remembered the most popular actresses like Madhuri Dixit or Sri Devi. But actresses Neelam, Farha, Kimi Katkar were forgotten who had limited success but created their own identity in contemporary films.

Kimi Katkar came to limelight with the performance in the film Tarzan. The story of Tarzan had always attracted children all across the world and every time the film was remade in Hollywood or bollywood, the viewers responded well. Johnny Wasmuller became more popular for playing the character of Tarzan than winning Gold Medal for Swimming in the Olympics.

Kimi Katkar did very well in the hindi version of the film Tarzan. She was the wife of Tarzan and taught him the lifestyle of urbanized people. She understood the truth in the personality of Tarzan and tutored him to face the modern man. The lips given in the song “tarzan, my tarzan” was also impressive.

She stormed bollywood with her powerful performance in the film Hum opposite Big B. Big B was at his best in the early 90s, when the film was released and it was a dream for any actress of bollywood to perform opposite him at that time. Due to old age, Big B took a make up of an old person, the so called brother of Govinda and Rajnikant in the film.

Although the main story of the film revolved around the revenge taken by Big B against Danny who was his biggest enemy, Kimi Katkar’s relationship with Big B was worth mentioning. She explained the greatness of Tiger, the character played by Big B in the film, who sacrificed his life to bring up the young brothers who had no other guardian to look after them.

He even did not marry considering the interest of the two brothers played by Govinda and Rajnikant. In the last part of the film when Rajnikant disregarded Big B and tried to arrest him, the performance of Kimi Katkar appealed to the masses.

Her other notable films included Kala Bazar, opposite Anil Kapoor. The film was related to unlawful activities of Kader Khan who became wealthy after accepting bribes. On the other hand Sujit Kumar, the father of Anil Kapoor, who was an honest person faced the misery of life. Anil Kapoor revolted at the end of the film and mobilized the police force led by Jackie Shroff to reveal the identity of lawbreakers of the society. Kimi Katkar supported Ail Kapoor in the film with her strong performance.

In the mid-90s, with the domination of Juhi Chawla, Kajol, Raveena Tandon and other new actresses Kimi Katkar faded out from the industry. But her films should be restored and viewers feel that new producers should give her character roles in future as well.

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