Monday, January 12, 2009

Amir Khan's Ghajini did business for more than 200 crores.

Amir Khan’s Ghajini did business for more than 200 crores.

Amir Khan has been considered as the most thoughtful personality in bollywood industry. His films were seen by the audience like any religious site that is worshipped by devotees. The same thing had happened with Ghajini.

There was lot of curiousity in the minds of viewers about the film before it was released. Amir Khan himself told the journalists in press conference that he built the muscular body only to express the feelings of the mentally affected person in the film. It took more than 2 years to build the muscles.

When viewers watched the film they got flabbergasted with the performance of Amir Khan. He would have Oscar award for his brilliant performance had he acted in Hollywood films. There were stages where Amir Khan lost his memory every 15 minutes and looked helpless.

The character Ghajini in the film killed the girl friend of Amir Khan. Later on when Amir Khan wrote the name of his enemies in his body, he rubbed them off when he caught Amir Khan in a state of unconciousness. A young medical student helped Amir Khan to get back his memory.

The film took a turn in the last part where Amir Khan recovered after an iron rod was pierced in his body by Ghajini and he killed Ghajini with a heavy iron weapon. The last part was different from the South Indian version of the same film Ghajini.

The credit lies on Amir Khan in converting an otherwise simple film into a classic film. Already the film had brought revenues in India and oversees market of more than 200 crore rupees. It is still being exhibited in the leading halls all across the country and has the capability of bringing even more revenue.

It is quite unfortunate that the best performers in India never get the awards for best performances in Filmfare ceremony or other major Group awards that are given every year. Otherwise Shahrukh Khan would not have dominated bollywood films for the last 10 years.

It is evident in Ghajini that when an actor like Amir Khan puts in his heart, soul, body in the role played in the film the hard work gets rewarded in terms of the responses of the viewers. He is the best actor of the country at the moment and the popularity of Shahrukh Khan or Abhishek Bacchan cannot stop him from performing in even challenging roles in contemporary films.

If Taren Zameen Par was the best venture of 2007, then Ghajini was the most meaningful project of 2008. The viewers expect Amir Khan to explore himself more in his strive to reach perfection in bollywood films in future.

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Anonymous said...

It is surprising when you mentioned the name Abhbisek as poppuler person...I felt like it was insult to Mr.Aamir...This man is history...and by the way SRK is so overrated's just so annoying. No one can doubt the Aamir in Rangeela was history- no one can play that role...and they still didn't give award to him...Again in this years Nokia star screen award...No doubt Jodha Akbar was a great movie and Hrittik did well...But just put both movies on two tv next to each other and compare the acting and performance. Yes JA was little serious movie...but the award says "Best Actor"- that means performance acting. I'm pissed of and I will never use a Nokia phone again in my life...Insallah I'll try...