Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy birthday to Kabir Bedi.

Happy birthday to Kabir Bedi.

The viewers of bollywood films wish happy birthday to Kabir Bedi on 16th January, 2009. He had played a notable role in the bollywood industry and also contributed well in Hollywood films.

In the late 60s, he played a significant role in the film Hulchul with OP Ralhan. The film was a suspense thriller having comedy element as well. The communication relating to a murder was heard by OP Ralhan and he communicated it to all the known personalities in the film thereby creating a panic situation. Kabir Bedi’s baritone voice in the film impressed the viewers.

In the 80s and 90s, Kabir Bedi was used by most of the directors of bollywood films in negative roles. In Firoz Khan’s Yalgaar, he kept the balance in the film opposite Mukesh Khanna. His men killed the Commissioner of Police played by Mukesh Khanna, and thereafter was chased by Feroz Khan, the son of Mukesh Khanna.

His own son played by Sanjay Dutt, took the challenge on his own shoulders, but could not save Kabir Bedi. He died himself after being fired by Feroz Khan in the film. The film was very successful in the early 90s.

Kabir Bedi was sublime in his role in the film Rudrakh. He played the role of the father of Sanjay Dutt in the film. Through his meditation he could visualize the person in whose possession the famous stone rudraksh was lying with. Rudraksh was a very powerful device, and the person who used it could acquire supernatural power.

The reason Kabir Bedi identified the person Sunil Shetty, who was having the rudraksh, was because the stone could be used by the respective person for committing evil deeds as well. Kabir Bedi died in the process. But Sanjay Dutt with the help of Bipasha Basu reached the place where Sunil Shetty kept the rudraksh. Ultimately it was obtained from him. Although the film was based on fantasy, Kabir Bedi’s performance was worth mentioning.

Kabir Bedi was also sublime in the film Kohram. Big B and Nana Patekar fought against the antisocial activities of Danny in the film. Kabir Bedi played the role of Military major and he did very well in the film.

Kabir Bedi had acted in more than 200 bollywood films and had shown his indispensability in different types of roles. The viewers expect him to continue the good work in the years to come.

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