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Lara Dutta in the last few years.

Lara Dutta in the last few years

Lara Dutta
Lara Dutta was one of the actresses who had got recognition from participating in beauty contests and then doing extremely well in bollywood films. She started her career from the film Andaaz where Priyanka Chopra, another young actress started her career.

Lara Dutta acted opposite many actors in her short career, including Abhishek Bachan in the film Bambai Se Aaya Mere Dost. In that film she had played the role of a village girl. Abhishek Bacchan came from the city to the village where his grandfather stayed.

Lara Dutta did extremely well in the film No Entry. She had the habit of suspecting her husband Anil Kapoor about having affair with other girls. Eventually Anil Kapoor entered into an affair with Bipasha Basu who was sned by Salman Khan to get involved with Anil Kapoor.

Lara Dutta
Her entry into the lives of Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan had resulted in both the persons losing peace in their family and getting divorce suits from their wives. Ultimately Salman Khan came from abroad to resolve the matter and he resolved it after playacting infront of his wife Esha Deol.

Lara Dutta
Lara Dutta also acted in multistarrer films like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, where she acted opposite Bobby Deol, while Preti Zinta acted apposite Abhishek Bachan. She was also sublime in the film Partner, opposite Salman Khan. Salman Khan trained other persons about the art of love. He trained Govinda about making himself presentable before Katrina Kaif who was smart and elegant in the film. Lara Duta was also a smart girl in the film who was ultimately impressed by Salman Khan.

She also acted in crime thrillers like Jurm and also suspense thrillers like Kaal and showed her acting skills in these films.

Lara Dutta
She is expected to do even well in the years to come along with her performance in the film Banda Yeh Bindass Hai and Billo Barbar.

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