Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Preeti Zinta in westernized roles and Indian roles.

Preeti Zinta in westernized roles and Indian roles.

Preeti Zinta in her long career had acted in different roles, both western and traditional ones. But the viewers had appreciated her more in the westernized roles. She was short-tempered Indian girl staying in Australia in the film Soldier. In fact her angry expressions had impressed the viewers in the film where she complimented Bobby Deol in the dashing role.

She also played a dashing role in the film Dil Chahta Hai, opposite Amir Khan. Although the character was not that aggressive she displayed the smart role who explained Amir Khan about the essence of love. In the film Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, she played the role of the wife of Shahrukh Khan who stayed in USA and worked in a company to bring up her child. Her relationship with Shahrukh Khan became contractual as they never had any attachment. None of the husband and the wife tried to understand each other. In fact Shahrukh Khan was attached with Rani Mukherjee in the film who had married Abhishek Bacchan and lived an unhappy life.

When Preeti Zinta was tested in traditional roles her smart enterprising getup had to be balanced with powerful acting. In Veer Zara, she played the role of girl staying in Pakistan who had come to India to fulfill the wishes of her grandmother to immerse the ashes of her relative in water. The character was docile and she fell in love with Shahrukh Khan and sacrificed her life to stay in India to take care of the children in the village-school that was set up by her father-in-law played by Big B. Shahrukh also languished in Pakistani jail and was released by Rani Mukherjee after the case was reopened and she proved him innocent.

Preeti Zinta had played challenging roles in life including the one in the film Kya Kehna, but whenever her westernized characters are compared with the Indian traditional roles the westernized roles were appreciated more like the one in Salaam Namaste, and it appears that she is more comfortable in those roles.

The viewers expect her to continue her good work in the years to come.

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