Monday, July 15, 2013

Tapas Pal's interview in DD Bangla charmed everyone

Tapas Pal was very humble in his interview before DD Bangla.
Tapas Pal on 5th March, 2013, gave an excellent interview in DD Bangla Channel. He gave the interview before Chaitali Dasgupta, the wife of eminent director Raja Dasgupta. Tapas Pal was asked about his experiences as an actor. He said his first Bengali film was Dadar Kirti. He was glad to act under the command of renowned Bengali director Tarun Majumdar. He used to call him Tanuda. The first film gave him name and fame. At that time superstar Uttam Kumar was no more. Bengali films required a new hero who could attract the masses. Tapas Pal was liked by the audience. In 1981 he acted in the successful Bengali film Saheb. Again the same film was remade in hindi with the title Saheb where Anil Kapoor played the lead role. He told Chaitali Dasgupta that famous actress Madhuri Dixit first acted opposite Tapas Pal in the hindi film Abodh. It was directed by Hiren Nag and released in 1984. The producer and director showed him photo of Madhuri Dixit and her dance performances. He liked it and said that Madhuri will do well in films. The rest was history. Tapas Pal said that there was a time in the mid-80s when whatever Bengali films were released in famous cinema halls of Kolkata namely Aruna, Bharati, Minar, Bijoli, all were the films of Tapas Pal. He also shared a good experience of a director of Mumbai calling him over there and the next day getting an invitation from Amitabh Bacchan in dinner. Big B himself came to him and said that he was waiting for Tapas Pal. Tapas Pal thought he was dreaming. But it was reality. It was a fact that during the mid 1980s, Tapas Pal was the most successful Bengali actor. After the demise of superstar of Uttam Kumar in 1980, Bengal faced a rough time with all the films becoming flops for 5 years. But Tapas Pal’s films like Saheb, Dadar Kirti, Bhalobasa Bhalobasa had good stories and good performances. Most of his films did good business in the cities and villages of Bengal. For the last 5 years he joined Trimanmool Congress under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee. He has won Lok Sabha elections and presently is MP from West Bengal. On the request of Chaitali Dasgupta he sang the first song of Dadar Kirti, “ei korecho bhalo nithur he”. But in his interview he had shown that he still is down to earth.

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