Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rituparna Sengupta promoted film Alik Sukh in Mirakkel.

Actress Rituparna Sengupta promoted her new film Alik Sukh in the Bengali program Mirakkel in Zee Bangla on 1st July, 2013. She came as guest judge in the program. Paran Banerjee, Rajatavo Dutta and Srilekha Mitra were the judges of the program. Mir Afsar Ali, the anchor of the program asked Rituparna Sengupta about the story of the film. She said it had a lot to do with doctors. The film had been directed by Nandita Roy and Shibaprashad Mukherjee. Sohini Halder, the daughter of Rudraprashad Sengupta played an important role in the film. She was called in the show. She said that it had been a great experience of acting in the film. She had experience in play acting. Actors and actresses of the theatres are given importance and that is really great. The director of the film Shibaprashad Mukherjee was called in the program by Mir. He told the story of the film. The music of the film was composed by Anindya Chatterjee of Chandrabindu and Nochiketa Chakravarty. Anindya Chatterjee was called in the program. He sang a song of the film which he had composed in the film. The performers in the show did their best before Rituparna Sengupta. After the contestants’ performance Apurbo Roy gave a guest performance. It was awesome. He played the character of Lord Shiva. He made the audience and the judges absolutely spellbound. He asked everyone who was the son of river Ganges? Then he answered it was Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. He said it in a light note. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika had composed the song “Ganga amar ma, Padda amar ma”. He used those words to amuse everyone. The judges Paran Banerjee, Srilekha Mitra and Rajatavo Dutta said that Apurbo Roy was really uncomparable and unpredictable. The entire team of Mirakkel gave their best wishes to Rituparna Sengupta for her new film.

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